Visualisation / Student Folio – 1st Year / Project 5

The Task:

Working again with the model from Projects 3 & 4, the task was to use use Photoshop to edit and merge a photo and a sketch up image of the model together to create a new form. This was then to be digitally collaged. The aim was to show form, scale, mood, context, light etc in the most interesting ways possible. This was one of my favourite projects of 2012 because I got to learn so many new skills that will be invaluable to me!!

DEB203_Assessment3_LEAHCAMERON DEB203_Assessment3_LEAHCAMERON DEB203_Assessment3_LEAHCAMERON HYBRIDMODEL_1_LEAHCAMERON HYBRIDMODEL_3_LEAHCAMERON HYBRIDMODEL_2_LEAHCAMERON HYBRIDMODEL_4_LEAHCAMERON Model Image 8 Model Image 7 Model Image 6 Model Image 5 Model Image 4 Model Image 3 Model Image 2 Model Image 1


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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