Architectural Design / Student Folio – 1st Year / Project 3

Library in a Lane-way – Stephens Lane, Brisbane, QLD

The Site : A laneway bordered by two main city streets, approximately 70 metres long and very narrow… the surrounding buildings are classical and ornate… the hotel side (red roof) is heritage-listed.

Site Photo Plan ViewSite Photos

“Enlighten” Library – A lane-way library that embraces and protects social & cultural sustainability by collating information about Brisbane’s recent history… it aims to create a ‘destination’ for other users (eg. research students, families etc), at the same time as disseminating information to the regular users of the lane-way by flashing up relevant and interesting facts about Brisbane, on abstract illuminated ‘skin cell’ shaped screens on the underside of the elevated library.Small 2 Small 3

The building extends the length of the lane-way and is organically shaped in the form of 2 connecting long bones; a skeletal system protecting Brisbane’s cultural identity. It offers private space, public space and 2 x outdoor social spaces, 1 of which sinuously wraps the large tree in the courtyard – connecting the users with the natural environment… a human need often overlooked. The series of structural ‘ribs’ on the face of the building extend to the inside, creating individual spaces to be utilised by groups on the first level and solo users on the top level.

Small 1Small 5 Small 4


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