Architectural Design / Student Folio – 1st Year / Project 2

The Pod In King George Square – “Discontinuous”

To recap, for the design of the pod for King George Square, I wanted to investigate and encapsulate the 2 strongest meanings of the word ‘discontinuous’ – which continues to be the way I see and experience the city.

Discontinuous (1) – Consists of distinct or unconnected elements, without sequential or coherent form

To reflect this, my “pod” is essentially an experiential space; one which is formed not by visible walls but by the invisble boundaries created by seemingly random placement of 15 coloured ‘pillars’. Utilising the available volume of space, I worked this into the 15 separate elements, which are of varying heights (for usage by both children and adults) and differing colours. The central core of each pillar is a white laser cut pattern that reflects an element ‘borrowed’ from KGS – the zig zag of the viewing platform roofline, the leaves of the trees, the columns of City Hall and the tile insert pattern. 7 Pod In The Square

5 Presentation 3 of 4On the inside face of the column is a series of cool colours and on the outside face is a series of warm colours – these are tinted acrylic (Perspex).

Coloured FiltersThe columns are on a weighted swivel base that allows the user to do the following:

• Create their own ‘space’ by twisting and turning the panels – I believe this would especially appeal to children and young users

8 Coloured Shadows• Create different colours and patterns and shadows on the ground, as the sunlight passes through the coloured acrylic and laser cut patterns – this brings some much needed colour and texture to an otherwise sparse, fairly lifeless Square – something completely discontinuous with the current atmosphere in that space2 Pod in Use - Dad

• View the Square through the laser cut patterns, like peepholes that bathe the space in a myriad of different colours – to detract from the seriousness and colourless-ness of the Square3 Presentation 1 of 4

• At night, the battery or solar powered LED lights would create a different feel again, as the panels which cast strong coloured projections through the day take on a subtle glow – creating an interesting space to wander through

Discontinuous (2) – Marked by breaks or interruptions; intermittent

I wanted my design to create a reason for the currently unceasing flow of pedestrian traffic to stop, or at least pause – causing a break or interruption to their everyday mundane line of travel… For this reason, I placed my ‘pod’ approximately 5 metres back from the top of the ramp leading down to Adelaide Street. This is the area where the majority of foot traffic converges.

The ‘pod’ takes up approximately 25 sqm (5 metres x 5 metres) and the placement means that even users who don’t have the time or inclination to stop are still interacting with the newly created space, as it creates a need for them to either pass through the space or take a new line of travel around it. The pillars are placed seemingly at random but in fact are meant to be viewed from certain angles – the angles viewed by the everyday travellers through the Square.11 In The Space

Walking from Ann Street to Adelaide Street, the colours start of in a series of warm hues (reds, pinks, yellows and oranges) and as the viewer walks past or through and comes out on the Adelaide Street side, the colours have transitioned to cool colours (blues, greens and purples), changing the overall mood of the space… something I hope even the most focused person couldn’t fail to take notice of…

10 The Pod From Ann to Adelaide - Transitions12 Coloured Shadows


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