9 Signs That A Person Is Toxic

One word. Run. Xx

Thought Catalog

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I prefer to be naively optimistic in saying that most people are kind, well-adjusted individuals who demonstrate positive, likable qualities. However, there are also plenty of people who are insecure, selfish, and downright unkind.

It’s a wonder to me why we bother to get to know these people, but we do, and it’s very difficult to cut them out of our lives once we’ve let them in. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of taking this step, but it’s necessary if we want to maintain healthy mental and emotional states. If you’re unsure, here are some ways to spot a toxic person in your life.

1. They talk more than they listen.

Toxic people have narcissistic tendencies. They have a difficult time focusing on things that don’t directly affect them, so instead they circulate conversations around their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They listen halfheartedly, with…

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