Manic Monday – MkII

Today was interesting. I woke up in an inexplicably bad mood. It’s the first time I’ve really come down from cloud nine in 2 months. But I thought I’d open this post with the above message because I think it might be true.

I’ve had a couple of students tell me they’re not sure they like the new, shiny, happy me… Apparently the ‘cynical and perpetually cranky me’ was easier to get hold off, information from and the new happiness levels are quite disconcerting to others. It makes me laugh. I wouldn’t have said I was different but maybe I am. Maybe happiness is showing on my face.

I’ve been missing designing a lot lately, especially over the last few weeks. I think… *deep breath* … the break I took this semester was successful. Great, even. It did what I wanted it to do. I found happiness. I found peace. My forced sabbatical from design did me the world of good. It was hard to walk away from but I HAD to. But now I miss it. So expect creativity in all forms over the coming months before 4th Year kicks my arse. Baking, card-making, present-wrapping, folio production, painting, laser cutting…. It’s all going to happen. And probably end up here.



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