The Circus Is In Town – Jodi Arias’ Penalty Phase Retrial

It’s finally here. The penalty phase retrial of, quite possibly, the most hated woman in America. And Heaven forbid anything involving this delusional, murdering sociopath could take place without gross amounts of controversy and an undeniable ability to make us all wish jailhouse justice had already taken place…

Anyone who knows me well reluctantly accepts my obsession with true crime… I can’t help it. The criminal mind fascinates me. But their criminal acts repulse me. Arias is certainly no exception and I’d hedge my bets on the fact that she actually takes the cake for (a) the atrocity of the murder she committed (b) her post-offense conduct and (c) how eerily similar she is to several people I’ve had the misfortune to come in contact with *shudder*

Arias was convicted in May 2013 of Travis Alexander’s brutal murder but the jury, despite all agreeing that she killed with intended cruelty, couldn’t go the extra step and agree unanimously to put her to death for it. It’s easy for me to sit here and say I’d give her the death penalty but the reality is I would find it incredibly difficult to be one of 12 people responsible for killing a person. But being Australian and not having capital punishment as an option here negates me ever having to make such a choice.

But let it be said that should the new jury choose to execute her, I’ll be popping the champagne. This bitch is stone-cold evil. Remorseless. Devoid of all human emotion. She already a convicted murderer…….. Now they just have to decide what to do with her.

But as with everything involving Jodi Arias, there is always something that makes you do the ‘ol…. “WTF???”

For me, today, that was seeing the list of mitigating factors she has submitted to the court as to why her life should be spared… Thanks to the team over at the Justice for Travis Alexander FB Page for this document 🙂


So the correct answer is:
(10) None of the above

But seriously, I think we can make pretty quick mincemeat of these diabolical claims, don’t you?

1) No RECORDED criminal history… Let’s not forget the whole ‘months of stalking’ thing, tyre-slashing, breaking and entering, staging a break-in to cover up stealing a gun, using electronic media to harass and intimidate… The list goes on…

2) JUST 27 years old? What does this even mean? I knew right from wrong at 3 or 4 years of age. She still doesn’t know it at the tender age of 27 and the jury is supposed to let her off the hook??

3) BULLSHIT. She continues to stick to her claim that T.A. abused her physically and emotionally and, in essence, had it coming. She’s never apologised and probably doesn’t even know the word ‘sorry’ because she’s never felt it. She’s sorry because she got caught. That’s the only thing.

4) I got hit with a wooden spoon and yelled at as a child too. You know what? It taught me respect. Not to murder people.

5) The musings and ramblings of a delusional sociopath. Enough said.

6) See answer to #5… She’s never suffered extreme emotional stress. Cold, calculating murderers never really seem to, do they?

7) PTSD? For what? Getting caught? Having to go to jail? Not being able to access Twitter? Watch the 48 Hours special made before her trial then tell me she’s suffering from PTSD.

8) BPD I will buy… Forming unhealthy attachments seems to be her thing but it’s even more reason for me to believe she’ll create hell wherever she goes. Even if she, as expected, goes to Hell.

9) Her psychological makeup impaired her ability to cope with the tumultuous nature of their relationship? So he deserved to be cut down in the prime of his life while naked, unarmed, unthreatening, in the shower? To be stabbed 30 times, have his throat slashed and be shot in the head? She’s unbelievable even trying to bring this in as a mitigating factor.

I feel so much for the Alexander family, having to be pulled into this 3-ring circus yet again by this monster. Months of trial evidence lie ahead and I can only hope that the jury gets it right.

It must be killing Arias that the judge has banned live camera feeds of this retrial phase… the girl does love her notoriety. And there’s no doubt in my mind that we can expect more than a few surprises before all is said and done!!


3 thoughts on “The Circus Is In Town – Jodi Arias’ Penalty Phase Retrial

  1. Psychopaths are both males and females and they walk amongst us.
    Their are thousands of people in the world who are potential psychopaths and they could just ‘snap’ at anytime.
    Jodie Arias can rot in hell, he was a normal guy who sadly crossed paths with a psychopath.

  2. Hey the jury are into the 3rd day I’m watching it closely. The bitch is thriving on all this, the poor little church mouse act will get her nothing but what she deserves. If they don’t come back with the DP I will be so cut. Yet if they are locked again I think that long suffering judge will give natural term of life, no way 25 yrs. That will at least mean we wont see 20 years of DP appeals and so on! I hope she is never seen on our screens again!

    • True that! I’ve been glued to Websleuths and Twitter… She’s fucking evil. The worst of the worst. I feel the same way about the death penalty. It’s the only logical outcome for this trial. What do you think really happened that day?

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