Daddy/Daughter Time


I’m supposed to be doing Tech drawings for our group assignment tomorrow. But this new relatively stress-free existence, whilst still unbelievable, allows for some flexibility… 😉

So for a while, Dad’s Saturday ‘sojourn’ to the TAB has not been paying dividends. Put simply, his leisure time has been resulting in a little bit of a losing streak.

Three or four weeks ago, I joked if I ever had some spare time, I’d come down to the pub with him in order to be his lucky charm. Now I have to eat my words… And make good on my promise.

NOT that I’m encouraging gambling… more father/daughter bonding time. It just happens to take place over a beer and betting.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some questionable characters in this place… But its nothing like the gambling places of old – you know… the plastic chairs, sparse floors and fluorescent lighting the gives you that sickly pallor associated with… well, chronic gambling. Haha.

The TAB at our local pub is awesome. Comfy (somewhat) designer chairs, the staff provide party lies, spring rolls and mini quiches free of charge, my favourite beer on tap. If you can block out the yobbos and Okker accents, it’s pretty damn comfortable. Haha.

And top it off with classic race-calling… “Cellarmaster taking the lead, Alcohol chasing him down… ”

I can’t gamble my way out of a paper bag. I pick horses because I like their names or the colour or pattern of the jockey’s shirt. I’m a pretty crap lucky charm. But spending time with dad is invaluable 🙂



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