This is is one of my absolute favourite quotes and images. Everything about it is bittersweet. Pain in beauty and beauty in pain. It tugs on the heart strings and inspires empathy. She fascinates me completely.

It also makes me feel grateful; and a while back I promised a friend I would always try to find 3 things each day to feel grateful for… I haven’t always been consistent but today my Mindfulness counsellor at uni (yes, that’s an actual thing, to help students with their stress levels) told me I need to do this daily for at least a month in order to let go of any bad thoughts as just that…. Thoughts. Apparently thoughts are not facts and this exercise of gratitude will help with reprogramming any negativity.

Anyone who knows me well knows what I think of airy-fairy psych talk… Haha. But I think there’s actually something to this exercise. It encourages you to focus on facts, not on ‘thoughts’. Apparently acknowledging thoughts (positive or negative) gives them power and we don’t want to give power to thoughts. Uh uh. Rightio. Noted.

So here are my three for today. These are my ‘facts’:

1) I am grateful that I was able to assist a Korean Interactive Design student at work (uni workshop) who was having difficulty explaining her idea to my colleagues due to the language barrier. She was so happy I understood after spending 25 minutes with her that she gave me an impromptu hug. It made my day.

2) I am grateful that trying on clothes at Chermside reduced me to tears tonight because it forced me to accept my body shape after years of illness… And re-assess my weight loss goals and life/romance/work/study goals in general.

3) I am grateful for my parents, brother, sister-in-law and friends, who all accept me just the way I am and think I’m gorgeous no matter what. I am grateful for their love and support, particularly during some very trying times 🙂

and actually I’m going to add a 4th one:

4) I’m grateful for S. For showing me good men with decent values still exist in the world and that not all men are judgmental losers and for inspiring me through witty banter, good conversation and shared interests.



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