The Pomona Project

I’ve avoided looking at this project because it’s a reminder of how sick I was at the end of last semester but I’ll post the link now and eventually get around to formatting and uploading it for this site. Unfortunately we were condemned to using Google Blogger … and it was heinous. But in the grand scheme of things, not an issue.


To understand the full project, scroll right to the bottom of the blog and read up šŸ™‚

i think it starts in early March and goes through to June, tracking the project’s development from Site Analysis to Community Node to Pomona’s ‘Public Room’ concept – library, productive garden, reading rooms and many more integrated functions. I liked this project… I did… it just nearly killed me. Haha.

The renderings are a but rubbish as they were done in the last 12 hours before the due date (Note To My Design Students: This a terrible idea. Not recommended.Do not do it. Do as I say, not as i do!!)

And I’m not sure on the whole “blog as assessment item” because there was some serious double handling involved but it was an experience. I’ll leave it at that šŸ˜‰



2 thoughts on “The Pomona Project

  1. Hey, I think this is pretty good work but you’re right about the renders – they could have been a whole lot better but considering the time you spent on them, I think you actually did a good job!!

  2. Thanks Stephen… It was one of those moments where I was so out of time that it wasn’t funny and I just had to do whatever I could :-/ … Unfortunately. But you live and learn šŸ™‚

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