When Blogging (and Common Sense) Goes Bad…

OK, so yesterday’s post was a prime example of why I don’t blog during bad episodes. Oh boy. I’m so sorry, everyone. But against every instinct in me, I’m not going to take it down because it’s a reminder of what not to do. It’s ok to feel that way, it’s just not ok to tell everyone about it. And it was a mistake. And I’ve learnt from it. I hope.

Today was a slightly better day. Still feeling unwell and out-of-sync with the entire universe but taught a really fun class and said goodbye to the B Group. Next week I get a fresh 50 faces (A Group) to teach for 7 weeks 🙂

I really thank god for my teaching team too… Such an amazing bunch of female professionals with the most brilliant and wicked senses of humour. I think they could tell things were a little off with me and by the end of 4 hours had me literally crying with laughter. Never underestimate the power of laughter. It heals all wounds. I felt so guilty about laughing so hard but as P.M. said:

“You put 3 chicks with brains together, you have to blow off steam somehow, sweetie” (picture this said in a very cute English accent)

I think they were also trying to make me feel better about stuffing up my date on the weekend. I had such a good time and he was really nice and again, made me LAUGH… It was so brilliant to be in the presence of someone so different to me. And someone who was engaging and intelligent and really quite sweet. And who reminded me of Nathan Fillion from the TV show Castle – circa Season 4/5 – who I think is pretty handsome). But I had been mulling over all week whether or not to drop a subject so that I could give myself some breathing space to actually have a life.

If the first date turned into another date, I wanted to be in a position to devote my time and energy to seeing where it could lead… rather than have something else be a victim of this stupid degree and lifestyle. I was trying to do the right thing but because I couldn’t contain my stress about it, I’ve more than likely fucked the whole thing up with him. It felt so lovely to be held and kissed and made to feel pretty. I thought it went really well and I assumed that because we’d spent so much time talking, the important bits were already there but I’m starting to think maybe I just don’t know anything!

Why am I so bloody useless at this stuff?? I have so much to offer, dammit. I’m a kind-hearted person, a loving person, a loyal and sweet person so how do I get this dating stuff so wrong?? *pounds head against wall repeatedly* haha… (that was a sad, mildly self-deprecating laugh – FYI)

Dates to me are like wine… you never trust the first sip 🙂 … obviously, with people being on their best behaviour and all that. Those who know me well know my cheeky side… 😉

So lastly, on a random note, I wanted to share some “funny mood badges you can – but shouldn’t – wear to work” that got sent to me today. Some (most) of them are oh-so-true!!




















And my personal favourite:



12 thoughts on “When Blogging (and Common Sense) Goes Bad…

  1. I found a quote from Dr Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”. Everything that happens our life happens for a reason. There is no way of telling how long it might be there for or if its for better or for worse. The important thing is to enjoy it while its there and then remember and grow from it when its gone. We don’t know what the future holds for us, but the future can only come from what we have in the present. xo

    • Thanks lovely 🙂 So much knowledge from someone so young! Mum came home from school today to tell me that the wife of a young man she teaches with went to hospital yesterday for an asthma related problem and this morning she died unexpectedly. It puts everything in perspective. We need to live hard, love harder and always prioritise the people in our lives because we don’t know how long we have with them. Love you xx

  2. Today I had an MRI scan. All I can say is that having an MRI scan is traumatic and scary. When I was in the capsule their were these constant buzzing sounds, some gave me a fright. LJC2013, NEVER have an MRI scan. I will NEVER have an MRI scan again. The staff in the radiography section were arrogant smart Alec’s as a result I’m pissed off. I’ve had a bad day. Just wondering how was your day LJC2013?

  3. On Robbos website their is a blogger named Old Timer he says that he’s in his late 90s and that he is a former WW 2 soldier. He has spoken all about WW2 and all of what he says is correct but, I believe it could be Nigel Baden Clay and he is pretending to be older than what he is and a former WW 2 soldier so no blogger on aussiecriminals works it out that he’s GBCs father. I don’t see any harm in him doing that he’s not bullying anyone or anything he’s respectful to other bloggers but if it really is NBC, it shows that he is a dishonest person like GBC. I think it’s unlikely that it is NBC, it could be, we will never know.

  4. TCR is my grandson and he’s Dux of his school and I envy him I was never Dux at my school I wish he was just an average student just like what I was but he’s not he likes being the Dux of his school so he is a narcissistic sociopath like Gerard Baden Clay and he may be an arsehole when he grows up to I say that because anyone that’s highly intelligent is an arsehole in my opinion. And I’m not Nigel Baden Clay.

    • Sooooo…. I’m a little worried for your family. You guys seem somewhat…. uh…. disconnected. Why are you fighting about this on my blog where the Baden Clays haven’t been mentioned at all, aside from in your comments? And are you calling me an arsehole? :-/

  5. Old Timer…..That’s a little odd….. my last grandparent alive, my maternal grandmother…..died in 1972….. as I said on aussiecriminals, OT has mistaken me for someone else. I have also found out my computer has been hacked as well. So now I’m annoyed. I won’t be commenting on here for a little while until I get my computer repaired. And with my MRI LJC2013, good news, I don’t have a brain tumour and the MRI images show my brain is normal. I was getting worried their for a bit but I’m happy everything is ok.

  6. Hi LJC2013 I’m back online after getting my computer fixed. I got my computer fixed on Saturday. Because my IP address was hacked as a result I have a new IP address. IP addresses reveal an approximate location of where you live with this new IP address it’s approximate geo location is in a different Suberb several kms away. So
    it will be very hard for hackers to hack my computer again. Everything went well with my MRI so I’m happy. No brain tumours. I have found out what causes my migrains, I bought a blood glucose metre and when I have a migraine my blood glucose levels are very low so further tests will he done to see wether I have a non life threating condition called hypoglycaemia. I’m
    glad it wasn’t a brain tumour because brain tumours are common in my family.

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