When You’re Over Here…

… And your comfort zone is over there.

Tomorrow I’m going to do something so far outside my comfort zone that it not only crossed that line but it’s gone over the line and camped for the week.

I’ve faced a lot of challenges this year (ok, longer than that… Haha) and if the universe could just come through for me, just this once, and give me some much-needed confidence, that’d be great. Cheers. The diabolical events of the last couple of weeks alone have left me feeling like I have a sumo wrestler just casually sitting on my chest. I wish he’d get the F off. I swear to God I must’ve done something really bad in a past life. Haha

The confidence I wish I had:

How I wish I could feel:

The attitude I hope I wake up with after nearly a week with very few hours sleep:

How I really feel:


I miss my bestie. Mealz, I wish you were here. You could tell me what to do and you always remind me I’m awesome even when I can’t see it.

I know you’d tell me to just go out there and flaunt it so I’m trying to channel my inner-Mealz 🙂

My horoscope seems to think things will be fine, even if I Capricorn the hell out of life:


And it seems my fortune cookie is channeling Master Yoda:


It’s going to be fine… Just fine. No worries… *reaches for paper bag and puts head between knees*



2 thoughts on “When You’re Over Here…

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