Just A Moment While I Caffeinate…

So I’ve just taken a 5 minute break from my assignment. It’s moments like these that I look at my life and think “what the actual f**k am I doing?”

My heart is already racing with stress and anxiety, and I think it’s safe to say I’m emotionally exhausted in light of current events… so the best course of action? Stay up all night and double load myself with caffeine. WHO LIVES LIKE THIS???!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K?!?!

(…apart from all my architecture buddies, of course)

A friend sent me this earlier this week. I’m stuck on 3 & 4. Haha.


Sometimes i wish someone would kidnap me and take me to a desert island where there are no designers, no stress, no perfectionism and lots of back massages. And cocktails that aren’t full of calories.

OK, I feel better now I’ve ranted. Back to work.



I love feedback so you know what to do...

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