‘Dumb’ Really Is Forever


It’s some horrific hour in the morning – 3am maybe? I’m lying awake thinking about uni and it reminded me of something….For anyone who hasn’t read this book, go out and get it. Now. It’s the best thing you’ll ever read as far as ‘advice’ books go.

We all remember when we were in our early 20’s right? When gravity held things where they should be and life seemed like a never-ending party… Well guess what? The party ends eventually and before you know it, there’s wrinkles where there shouldn’t be, more grey hairs coming through, your jeans don’t fit and that small piece of chocolate cake (that you used to burn off just by breathing) now takes up permanent residence on your hips.

But all this made me realise something… I may not be at my physical best right now but I’m still smart. I may avoid mirrors (and indeed any kind of reflective surface – spoons, the toaster, the kettle etc) but I can match wits with the best of them.

What Judge Judy says is true. Beauty fades… Dumb is forever. And ever.

In today’s society, I don’t think we’ve come so far as to accept this. Beauty is still prized over intellect… which is a shame because at the end of the day, beauty is only good for a little while. But if you look after your brain, it’ll be with you ’til your dying days. The irony is, you can lose weight, you can dye your hair (and so on) but there ain’t much you can do if you don’t develop your brain. Screw lipstick and mascara, education and life skills are 2 things a woman should never be without.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to be 80 years old, sitting with my partner, playing Scrabble and thinking “He ain’t much to look at anymore but his brain still does it for me!”

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there are people out there who look deeper than the skin level. Maybe there are people who prize witty conversation and intellect over prettiness. I’ve just never seen it but maybe that says more about the company I’ve kept in the past.

My advice to all young women out there is this: Your most powerful weapon is your brain. Like a football player who gets injured and can no longer play and has no backup plan, so will your physical beauty fade. You can’t see it right now coz everything is still sitting where God intended it to, but one day you look in the mirror and you’re much older than you remember! When that happens, you need to have something else to offer. And women with brains are sexy, I’m told 🙂



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