The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

Lying in the bath, soaking some very tired muscles from countless hours of drawing 1200 stupid bloody windows on a stupid bloody skyscraper for a stupid bloody exemplar study, I came to some conclusions:

I hate stuff. And I love other stuff. And sometimes stuff just annoys the tripes outta me. So, because I’m me, I made lists πŸ™‚

Things I hate (the Bad):

1) Drawing 1200 windows on a skyscraper model

2) People who say ‘prolly’ instead of ‘probably’

3) People who walk slowly and without directional sense in shopping centres.

4) People who don’t understand that Lycra has a stretch limit that shouldn’t be exceeded. Ever.

5) People who are on fad diets and try to convert all those around them.

6) Cheaters, liars and sneaky narcissists. There is no redemption for any of them and when one is in the room, I can smell sulfur.

7) People who make promises they never follow through on. Go make mistakes on someone else’s time.

8) Being dragged into situations that I should have no involvement in. And that cause me distress.

9) People who use pretentious lingo in personal conversations.

10) People who use pretentious lingo at all.

11) This degree.

12) The current fad of vampires, werewolves and fantasy. It weirds me out seeing 40-60 year old women reading Twilight on the train.

13) This degree.

14) Never sleeping because of this degree.

15) This degree.

Things I love (the Good):

1) My family and friends – that’s immeasurable.

2) Being able to help people. And teach them.

3) When things are super peaceful. At least I think I would love this. It hasn’t happened so far.

4) When I can sleep without worry or fear.

5) Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

6) My bed. It’s the most comfy bed in the world.

7) When the cat talks to me with an earnest look, as if I know what he’s saying.

8) Massages. This should really be number 3.

9) Sweet things. Acts of kindness and foodstuffs.

10) Being held and snuggling when in loving relationship. Though cant remember this feeling. Suspect I liked it. Haha.

11) Weight loss.

12) My collection of design books. They’re the only things going in my Will. Though possibly this is because they’re the only thing of value I own πŸ˜‰

13) Being able to give advice based on my own experience that in turns helps someone, this making my horrible mistakes able to be learnt from πŸ™‚

14) Singing in the car. There’s nothing like doing a duet with Kylie.

15) Being well and safe and happy.

Things That Annoy Me (the Ugly):

1) Making lists.

2) Blogging on my phone.

3) Drawing 1200 bloody windows.

4) People who give me advice without knowing my situation.

5) People who are cruel.

6) Apathetic people.

7) Overly happy people (when it’s fake)

8) When the cat sleeps on my feet and I can’t move them coz I don’t want to wake him.

9) How sensitive and vulnerable I can be at times.

10) This stupid illness.

11) People who blow hot and cold. And people who cut you off and talk over you.

12) People who are arrogant without a reason to be. Humility isn’t hard, people.

13) Not giving myself enough credit or praise when I do something well.

14) Not having the time to do things properly or focus on my health.

15) This degree.


16) Cold bath water. Damn it. End rant.



4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Very Ugly

  1. Just wanna say good effort for drawing those windows… May b painful but hey at least u can say ur strength of character is so strong u can force urself to do something even if u don’t want to.

    Hope ur feeling better πŸ™‚

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