Unique Problem Solving Methods

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve done something others find bizarre in order to solve problems, questions, queries and conundrums that pop up in my life.

It’s a fun way of deciding a course of action when drama gets in the way of life. Basically, with the problem or question in mind, you listen to the first 3 songs that come onto the radio or your iPod (when on shuffle) and use the messages in the song lyrics to find a solution. These days it’s definitely more iPod based, mainly because my car stereo no longer works because the car electrics died when my car battery did and I don’t have the stereo code. Yes, I’m a hopeless human…. moving on 🙂

So today I kept issues about my love life (or lack thereof), the diabolical unmentionable personal situation and my steadily increasing apathy towards my architectural career foremost in my mind and these were the 3 songs that came on first… Funnily enough, they helped 🙂 xx

Kylie Minogue – Red Blooded Woman

TLC – Unpretty

La Roux – Bulletproof


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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