It’s Incredible What You Can Accomplish When You’re Supposed To Be Doing Something Else…

When I should’ve been working on my assignments for Architecture, I have instead been throwing all my creative energy into teaching and preparing things for next week’s lesson.

(Apologies to my Tech group members, I’ll get into the group assignment tomorrow… It’s hardly thrilling subject matter though! *snore*)

So this is what I’ve been doing… Laser cutting and testing the houses that my Vis class will be assembling and space planning. The bottom floor is to be commercial (eg. cafe or restaurant), middle floor to be ‘conceptual’ (eg. interactive design space or gallery space etc.) and the top floor is to be 2 x high end apartments. The facades might be a bit ‘old world’ / heritage but basically the floor plates are to 6000 x 10000. The students can then choose whether to fit out the interior in keeping with or in contrast to the facades.

These each took about 5 (!!!!) hours to assemble on my own but thankfully they’ll be in groups of 4, so they can put their heads together to problem solve the answers… And it will be a more ‘real world’ design practice experience to work as a team as they plan the spaces.




And for those students who won’t get the opportunity to visit the laser room this semester, I’ve uploaded some videos to YouTube – 3 x 1 minute snippets of my 6 hours cutting house parts today. Sorry about the noise! I had 4 laser cutters plus the extractor fans on so you might want to turn down the volume on your computer before watching 🙂 Enjoy xx


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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