A Kick In The Teeth…

… Is sometimes the best thing for you. I think Walt Disney said that and I’ve absolutely murdered the quote (my heartfelt apologies, Mr Disney).

But you can see the point he’s trying to make. The struggles, the let-downs, the adversity we face…all those things are what builds strength and character. So in those moments when you’re asking ‘why me?’ – and I know from last semester there were many of us feeling the excruciating pain of being pushed to our physical and mental limits – … it is in those moments we need to remind ourselves that this is hardening us up.

This is the spoonful of cement in our morning coffee (nature’s lifeblood for architects)…

This is making us who we are; and more importantly, the people we are destined to be. How the hell do you build character if your life is a gold-tasseled fluffy pink cloud of smooth sailing and good fortune?? 🙂

That being said, someone (I can’t remember who and can’t be bothered Googling it) said:

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”

I keep that on my phone for all the times I’m tempted to revert into my Girl Cave and try and do this thing solo, without the help of all my friends and family.

It can also be said that the teamwork involved in making sure I use the filter between my brain and my mouth is a true effort on behalf of my friends. Especially my uni friends… There is an unspoken bond between us. One that means ‘you don’t need to say what you’re thinking and get yourself in trouble – we are all thinking it too’…

And it also means I say things like this in my head instead of out loud:



So on the eve of this fortuitous event – our return to university for another gruelling semester – I would much rather slam my head repeatedly in the car door than get up at 6am to be subjected to a full day of *insert long string of expletives followed by a rather messy noun* …But I know all of you who love me in all my wackiness won’t allow a repeat of last semester (which I still haven’t had the guts to post about properly… Haha).

Best of luck to everyone in keeping their cool and not losing the plot in the first 4 weeks… and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and to meeting my new class of Vis 2 students on Wednesday!! Can’t wait to see what all of your creative minds have got in store for me xx


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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