Now That The Verdict Is In…

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

… I’m free to inform you that when the Judge is bored with Gerard on the stand, he plays Angry Birds on his phone………… haha. Just kidding. But the Judge has been brilliant through this. Bleijie was singing Todd Fuller’s praises on the radio this afternoon (and rightfully so) but much kudos goes to Justice Byrne, who showed marvellous restraint in not leaping over the bench and throttling GBC, the bastard. I did notice (however) that the Judge’s eyes were searching the roof at various stages, no doubt either admiring the architecture or searching for something to hang himself from… anything to get out of listening to the inane, self-serving, grubby drivel. And much kudos goes to the Judge in general. He ran an incredibly fair trial, giving as much to the defence as he did to the prosecution and always stringent in not showing bias. In saying that, there…

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3 thoughts on “Now That The Verdict Is In…

  1. Ah love that style of yours. What will life be like now after these 6 weeks of high emotions? Just make sure you take good care of yourself hey! Don’t be a stranger either…x see you soon when I come up to meet the gang

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