When All Else Fails….

The final day of the Gerard Baden-Clay trial, notes and insights 🙂 … #justice4allison

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Deny…. deny….deny.

And deny Gerard did. But, to my mind, not vehemently enough for a man who claims he is not guilty of his wife’s murder. It wasn’t convincing; it didn’t ring true.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would think that should I ever come under fire for the same heinous act and I was not responsible, I would be impassioned in my denials. Long pauses and quiet but adamant responses seemed at odds with the nature of the crime and the fiery questioning of the prosecutor.

Of all the times to play to what he thought the jury would want to hear and see, this was probably not it. It came off as false. It came off as arrogant. And it struck me that at no stage during his cross-examination in these past 2 days did he cry. He didn’t even come close to crying. Instead…

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