My post on Aussie Criminals about Thursday’s events in court at the Gerard Baden Clay Trial

Aussie Criminals and Crooks

NOT Gerard Baden-Clay.

Unfortunately for him, the lying, the smarmy schmoozing, the jokes he throws in mid-story to ‘bond’ with his listener… all the ‘techniques’ that have gotten him this far in life have just lost all effect. I strongly suspect at some indiscernible point on Thursday after he took the stand, he somehow forgot this was a murder trial in which he, the defendant, is accused of killing his wife and disposing of her body like a piece of garbage in the mud under a bridge. Oh yes. It was ‘all eyes on GBC’ time. This was his moment to shine. You could tell he’d been waiting for this moment since 2012 when this drama first unfolded; when the shock of what had taken place reverberated around Brisbane. Make no mistake. Those of us that were there could see that he is loving it up there. He loves every…

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