‘Twas The Night Before Trial…

… So tomorrow I’ll be attending the Supreme Court to watch the Gerard Baden-Clay (GBC) murder trial. This crime touched me from the very beginning because she was beautiful, talented, loving and an all-round good person whose life was tragically taken, allegedly because she was worth more to her husband in death than in life.

My heart breaks for her three young children, who will now grow up without a mother and potentially without a father (though it is my opinion that the latter is actually a good thing). I’m attending court in support of Allison’s (ABC’s) friends and family, I didn’t know her but I feel some connection with her and what she stood for… And because I have a very strong need for justice to be served. There’s nothing that irks me more than injustice and I believe as a group we can make a difference.

There is nothing more unjust than someone whose life is stolen from them. Particularly by an unloving husband who had multiple confirmed affairs and one main mistress (TMcH) and who was more concerned with funding his lifestyle to appear rich and connected whilst running the family finances into the ground and failing to provide for his wife. Allison had $20 in her bank account when she was killed.

I’m not 100% convinced that the Prosecution has made their case yet, definitely not proven it beyond a reasonable doubt. I’m hoping they bring the goods over the next few days… Because – and this is my opinion only – he is a sociopath. A narcissistic one. Something I have a great deal of experience dealing with and all the signs are there. These people are dangerous. Some may never kill or be violent. But others do. Those are the ones we hear about.

I was asked earlier tonight if I thought the crime was premeditated or if he ‘snapped’. This was my response:

“I believe he absolutely planned this but suspect in reality he thought he couldn’t go through with it. It was a nice idea but killing someone would be an enormous burden to bear (IF one has the ability to connect with one’s emotions and conscience)…I suspect he researched all the things he did (her life insurance amounts, ‘taking the Fifth’ etc.) because he liked the thought of being able to get his hands on the insurance money, be out of his marriage and so on. But I think whatever happened that night threatened GBC’s carefully cultivated public persona. Whether it was the desperate need to keep ABC and TMcH apart or because ABC threatened to publicly expose him, something threatened GBC’s carefully constructed public image. There’s nothing that scares and threatens narcissistic sociopaths more than being exposed. I had one in my life for over 10 years (he was much older than me) but his life and GBC’s are eerily similar (multiple affairs with other women – some unattractive but wealthy or connected – well-known family name, seemingly perfect life but it was all lies, lovely, caring but unsuspecting long term partner in the dark about his antics etc). When I threatened to expose him, he threatened my life and the police had to get involved.

Everyone thinks it was coz GBC wanted to be free to be with TMcH but she didn’t mean anything to him. She was just another pawn (with 100K savings) who could be used and abused in his game. Narcissists and sociopaths get bored easily so they play with lives, all the while smelling like roses to those around them and maintaining this facade of family values and morality. And they think they’re the smartest person in the room.”

So I don’t think he was ever going to divorce Allison. He was happy keeping her down, suppressing her spirit and having her second-guessing her worth. Whilst he had his affairs and played his games. There’s so much evidence of his narcissistic ways and one day I’ll go through the court docs and list them all out in black and white.

But I think Allison was growing stronger. Maybe she was going to leave and take the girls, maybe she did want to expose his cheating, lying ways. Or maybe he really did just kill her for the money. Allegedly – all my opinion of course.

Regardless, I hope that justice is done. I hope the Prosecution come out firing on all cylinders. And I hope that one day the truth will be revealed. But one suspects so many lies have been told, even he doesn’t know the truth anymore.

More after the court visit tomorrow… Watch this space.



4 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night Before Trial…

  1. I don’t know what or how much you knew about the evidence prior to the trial but the above comments show amazing insight into what the evidence actually established. Particularly what GBC’ own evidence established which you could not have known about prior to trial, namely that he didn’t really care about the mistress but it was more about the possible loss of face and standing! How insightful

    • To be honest, I didn’t know that much… it was more just a gut feeling. You should really employ me as a consultant. Haha. I’m not right that often but if I had to get it right, I’m glad it could be about something like this.

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