The Semester According To Moët…

I started a post today but have stopped writing temporarily because when I finally post it, I want it to be 100% right.

So instead I thought I’d look at the semester from the perspective of The Cat. While I’m stressing my head off, being awake and fraught with tension for 15 weeks at a time, wondering how on earth I can make deals with God to put more hours in a day, Moët had a slightly different take on things…

How To Stop Mum From Working:


How To REALLY Stop Mum From Working:


Oh Sorry! Were You Using This IPad?


This Is What I Think Of Your Design Brief, Mum…


My Apologies! Were These Important Drawings?


How To Stop Mum From Using AutoCAD (the Escape key is used most often…)


Time For Cuddles… Stop Now… Show Me Love…I Know! I’ll Make It Impossible To Type…


What I Do When Mum’s Having A Freak-Out (Screaming and Crying and Stressing)… And What I Should Have Done When She Said She Wanted To Go Back To Uni To Study Architecture…


And now that I have nothing but time to spend with the little blighter, he’s nowhere to be found, doesn’t want cuddles and is generally being obnoxious. More proof that you don’t own a cat… They own you.



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