So Much To Say, So Little Time… The Final Stretch.

So the end is nigh. Not dramatic at all…

Tomorrow is the final class I need to teach my Interior Visualisation students before their final folio submission. I’ve got 48 cupcakes to take in to congratulate them on making it through “the Vis experience” in one piece. Anyone who went through Archi Vis in my year level will more than understand that level of pain and torture. And agree my students should be rewarded with sugar coz they’re going to need lots of energy to get great folios happening.

I only hope to god I’ve taught them something useful. Even if they only take one thing – one new skill- away, I’ll be happy.

I’m also starting a new thing in life to handle all the craziness and uncertainty. It’s called WWMD (What Would Moët Do)… You’ve all see my favorite study buddy but when asked tonight whether I should work on my assignment or catch up on some of the 288 hour sleep debt I owe my body, his answer was this:


The Cat is a genius.

And lastly, I leave you with these 2 rather apt images, which thoroughly sum up what the next 13 days will be like. Oh god bring on June 11. I can taste the ‘Thank F*** We Made It Out Alive’ beers already…




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