An Ironic Note Before Budget Night…

I’ve posted a lot of negative stuff here lately because I promised myself and everyone that reads this that I’d be honest no matter what the circumstances. But I thought I’d go a bit off-topic today because tomorrow night is Budget Night. And everyone needs a good dose of sarcasm when the government gets involved.

That’s right. It’s the night the government gets us to basically bend over and take whatever they’re dishing out. And as students, we aren’t going to escape the chopping block.

So I thought this was appropriate, given the level of debt our country is in and the fact that we’ll all have to pay to get the government out of it. Especially since I have zero money management skills. That makes it so much funnier.


And on another note, this is always good. It makes me giggle every time coz it sums up so many people I know… I think every designer has felt this way at one point or another. Haha:




I love feedback so you know what to do...

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