Technology Will Be The Death Of Me

… Along with all the other self-destructive behaviour. Haha. But at least technology is a tangible reason for mental breakdowns.

My laptop died. Hard drive. A week ago. With my assignment on it.

Then yesterday it took me 8 hours to save 7 PDFs as jpegs because hatches disappeared and colours were murky and lines were blurry, cloudy and pixellated. Which meant 8 hours after the due date. After I’d already had an extension. I’ll do another post shortly about this…


I swear to you, the universe is trying to kill me. On top of a vast array of other detrimental things happening in my life, this was the last thing I needed. It nearly did me in. Honestly. Being under immense pressure, internal and external for 15 weeks is hard enough without this shit happening. So technology, I say F you.

On a much happier note, my parents finally came home from 5 weeks in Turkey. So happy that they did! This was one of my gifts…

So fantastic. Even when I’m at the stage that uni had destroyed my love of design, something like this is enough to remind me that I’m just marking off the days… One day I will be able to design beautiful, real things. It’s going to happen. Or I’m going to teach other people how to design them.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately. Uni blog. Don’t even get me started on this method of keeping track of design process. It angers me and fuels my hate fire.

It’s a long way below my usual standard but it’s only an interim project so I have time to bring it together. Hopefully. It’s nearly over.




I love feedback so you know what to do...

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