I Dedicate This Song…

… To the rest of semester. In fact, to the rest of my degree.

I’m hanging in there because I know the pay-off will be worth it but there are some days… Gosh.

I look around at everyone and we are just all so tired… 3am phone calls and Facebook messages are a nightly occurrence. I had one friend say to me the other night about 1:30… “I just want to go to bed but I know I can’t”. Who lives like this?! And why do we all have to be such over-achievers?! The workload this semester is kicking our collective butts.

I wish for our own sakes we were capable of drawing a line in the sand. I could do a whole post on this alone and I probably will when the dust settles.

Our group project is nearly done… An in-depth analysis of Ziguinchor in Senegal, Africa. Between doing the model and many many many analytical maps and graphic representations (and helping other groups set up their laser cutting files – haha), I’d say I’ve spent in excess of a hundred hours on this project alone… Plus the astounding amount of hours of my three fantastic group members and if that doesn’t equal an amazing project, I don’t know what does.

Here is the model of the Nolli map section we chose:


So on Thursday night, for the first time in more than a fortnight, I will be able to go to my bed and sleep. I haven’t been in my bedroom for 2 weeks because when grabbing between 2-4 hours sleep a night (if that), sleeping on the couch is easier because its uncomfortable and makes me want to get up. If I go to my fluffy pink cloud of a bed, all bets are off and I may never find the motivation to leave it. Haha.

Excited for Thursday because I’m teaching my Vis class about scale – so critical to the design disciplines and a fundamental aspect of what we do. I know it wont be easy for a lot of them as this is the first time they’ve tackled the notion but I have the utmost faith in their abilities. Then the following fortnight after the break we are onto sections… I can’t wait for that. Sections are the hardest things to master (and do well) in my opinion, so making sure I impart all the knowledge I can to my students is one of my top priorities.

Trying to keep a positive mindset happening here, so looking for the things that bring me a little bit of joy ๐Ÿ™‚

OK Archi project 2. Hit me with your best shot.



2 thoughts on “I Dedicate This Song…

  1. Your parents are getting concerned since they haven’t heard from you … or your brother for that matter… we are in Turkey and it seems to have better communication capabilities than downtown Bris Vegas…I find this amazing… anyway, hope all goes well with the presentation, and then you and Puss can get some sleep.xx

    • Oh Mum, life here has been beyond hectic and it’s showing no signs of letting up. Really starting to question my life choices!! But we will be ok… Puss getting plenty of sleep and seems to think that because I’m awake 24 hours a days, his food cycle should double. Every time I head towards the kitchen or laundry, he’s driving me nuts with his meowing! He’s keeping me company. Lets FaceTime Easter Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be home all day. I’ve been keeping tabs on you and Dad via Facebook. Looks like you’re having an amazing time!!! Xx

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