Proof That Good People Still Exist…

Yesterday I got this email, out of the blue… at least I think it was yesterday. I’m asleep on my feet right now…

But anyway, I read it and it melted my heart. Sometimes a person doesn’t realise how much their kind words can mean or what a difference making the effort to say something can make.

I asked this person’s permission to post their email and whilst they were shy about it, I promised it would be anonymously. It gives me faith in humankind and made my day, so thank you šŸ™‚

“Hi, L***, It’s surprising how I’ve never had a chance to talk to you the entire year! So it also might be surprising that I’m talking to you now… but this thing was really stuck in my mind that I will have to eventually mention this, at least, at some point of the course we’re doing. I remember you helping me (and *******) a lot back in first year. You even invested your own time to meet up with us and helped us with developing our concepts etc. And what I felt bad about it is that at that time, I don’t think I’ve shown much of my respect/appreciation regarding that. Looking back, it’s a serious commitment to spend my own time to help others but you did it regardless of the fact that we were not even close. And that’s why I felt bad afterwards, that I didn’t even get to know you apart from getting help from you? You might have felt that I was just talking to you because I wanted to get help from you. I felt sorry about that because it was just your kind act… You might have all forgotten it and it’s a bit too late to pass this onto you somehow your today’s post made me wanna say this out. I’m not good at describing my thoughts in English but hopefully you understand what I mean. šŸ˜„ Just to add, I’ve been really enjoying reading your blog. Just as an architecture student, there’re so much stuff that I get inspired/motivated or relate to. So keep it up, plz! I’m sure there are so many more people like reading your blog. šŸ˜Š”



I love feedback so you know what to do...

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