Christmas On A Student Budget…

This year I can’t afford to buy anyone anything (outside of my immediate family and even then, things are beyond tight) … God, I love being a student so much :-/ … But they say it’s the thought that counts and it’s more about the special people who surround you…

So, my solution?

Gift people with my one and only attempt at holiday baking… They may not have cost much but my time/energy and love went into making them!

Basically they’re biscuit Christmas trees – made from layers of homemade sugar cookies – and each layer has either a peppermint or vanilla glaze and tiny chocolate-filled metallic decorations. Oh, and an edible star on top of the tree…

I guess they can just be eaten as is or used as edible table decorations on Xmas Day. They look simple but it wasn’t as easy as I first thought it would be… Always the way when you begin these projects 😉

I can’t believe Christmas is only a week away. This year seemed to fly by now that I’m at the tail-end of it but at (many) points during the year, I thought it would never, ever end. Ever. Like I would be perpetually stuck in 2013.







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