This “Vacation” Thing…

… Isn’t as easy as it looks.

Today was my last day of work and after swimming my laps and arriving home, I realised I had nothing to do but relax… Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.

I worked out (quickly) that I don’t know how to relax just yet so I continued on with my jewellery experiments… They’re only supposed to be costume pieces but I churned out some Perspex (mirrored and colored) and timber brooches, necklaces/pendants and a few more earrings. All pictured below. It is oddly soothing and therapeutic to be working on small scale stuff!!

Work is over for the year, so now I just need to figure out what to do with the next 3 months of my life until 3rd year starts… Maybe some small interior design projects if I can find some?? Personal design projects I’ve never had the chance to do?? Furniture designs that are trapped in my head and dying to get out? Or I could always just chill the hell out and rejuvenate… Xx


Brooches Lot 01

Brooches Lot 02

Earrings 01 – Red Laser Cut Perspex

Earrings 02 – 5mm Thick Clear Perspex

Earrings 03 – Silver Ellipse and Chain with Charcoal Cube Beads

Pendant 01 – Black Perspex and 5mm Thick Clear Perspex – Size: 70mm high x 40mm wide (tapers to 28mm @ top)

Pendant 02 – Mirrored Perspex, Size: 75mm high x 50mm wide at widest point

Pendant 03 – Laser Cut Plywood, Size: 100mm high x 75mm wide at widest point


Pendant 04 – Reversible – Side 01 is Timber and Mirrored Perspex and Side 02 is Timber and Black Perspex

Pendant 05 – Laser Cut Plywood, Size: 150mm wide x 90mm high (at outmost points)


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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