The Fruits Of Today’s Labour…

This is what I got up to today after I’d managed to get through all my appointments, cleaned the house, swum my laps, had coffee with mum and made the required phone calls to make sure that (a) my friends were alive and (b) my friends knew I was alive. It’s different when you see them several times a week…

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with laser cut jewellery designs (that my awesome boss let me do as part of my continuing professional and skill development!)… Today I was working with some of the plywood cuts to see what I could come up with and these are 3 of them:



The reverse side of the bottom ones is mirrored Perspex, which looks cool when they catch the light… And I discovered varnishing the ply gets rid of the burnt smell that comes from laser cutting.

And these are for me… Totally kitsch I know but I’ll never be able to afford an Arne Jacobsen original so laser cut miniature Perspex Egg Chairs it is 😉



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