Things Honestly Do Happen When You Least Expect Them…

This morning was a little strange, unexpected, confusing and joyful.

All of those things were experienced in the space of a couple of minutes. I was driving to work when I felt my phone vibrate to let me know I had an email.

Anyone on my Facebook page will already know this so sorry for the repetition….That email was from the Head of Architecture to let me know that I was the recipient of the Andrew Brock Memorial Prize for academic achievement for second year architecture. I had to re-read it a couple of times for it to sink in. Largely because I did not even know we HAD awards like this. So essentially I won something I didn’t know I was in the running for.

My first thought was “huh?”

My second thought was “holy shit!”

My third thought was “…at least this means I passed everything”

And my final thought was “…this is bizarre”

I sent the email straight on to my family and friends because I was absolutely elated…. I was really feeling off my game this semester, as anyone who reads this blog would know. Both my parents sent emails straight back to let me know they wouldn’t miss it for the world. I really do have the greatest, most supportive family. They put up with all my crap and are 100% behind everything I do even though I won’t have an income again until I’m 35 (which my mum constantly makes me aware of – haha) but I really can’t ask for more than that… I’m a lucky girl!!

But then I started thinking…. And I got confused. Yes, I work really hard… yes, I approach everything with determination and a mother-load of focus and discipline… but so do a lot of people in my year level. There are more than 180 of us and I’m definitely not the only one who gets good marks (we are all wannabe architects for goodness’ sake – discipline, drive, ambition, perfectionism and focus are our middle names)… so how do they decide who is given the award? The email said ‘for academic performance’ but I’m sure (100% sure) other people excelled more than I did. In light of that I’m honoured I was selected… 🙂 I’m proud of the achievement, even though I had no idea it was something that could be achieved… Haha. I keep waiting for another email to say they made a miscalculation and for it all to go pear-shaped…

The award is being given out at the Graduates exhibition next Friday… I can’t wait to see all their work
– the exhibitions for the year levels above ours are always exciting. And my family will be there, which is lovely. Archi kids, if you can make it, please come!!!

So that was a nice surprise to kick off my day but I think what is even nicer is that all this aside, I am part of one of the nicest cohorts to go through in a while. All the lecturers and tutors I’ve spoken to tell me that we are a lovely, outgoing, hard-working and honest group. There is very little of the intense competitive and belittling behavior that is prevalent in some of the other year levels. And anyone who is part of our cohort knows that… And we all feel lucky to be a part of it. Rivalry and competitiveness aren’t necessary. I think we are all aware of that in the way we band together and help each other through. I’m always open to helping people and I know I feel comfortable asking help from others. It’s like we have a tight-knit support network and I hope that doesn’t change. When you are around others who understand how hard it is, you feel like you can achieve more because someone else gets it. You’re not alone. Architecture is hard enough without throwing bitchiness, back-stabbing and sabotage into the mix.

So I’m lucky. We are lucky. To everyone who got me through this year and all the pitfalls along the way, you know who you are and I want to say a big thank you 🙂

I’ve said all the way along that being around such an inspirational, talented group of people makes all the crappy parts worthwhile and it has never been more true 🙂



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