Sometimes Task Sheets Scare Me…

… In re-reading the task sheet for this last design assignment, I’m terrified. The master plan has to be at 1:1000… too small. All detail will be lost.

The plans (showing context) have to be 1:100… My building is *bleeping* 82 meters long. That’s going to have to be on an A0 page!!!! It won’t fit on A1… This is a bloody nightmare.

And our lecturer doesn’t want us to downscale because we have to show that we know how to draw a plan. God this is horrible… It’s going to cost a bloody fortune to print. A 1:50 section won’t fit on bloody any size page. As if I wasn’t stressed enough…. What do people in the real world do when this happens??????


I love feedback so you know what to do...

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