And So It Begins….

… The last 4 weeks of semester. The time that makes you wish you’d done anything else in life but architecture. Right now I wish I worked at McDonald’s.

But I think, in light of the fact that this has been a very difficult semester for all of us, I’m in a good place. First time this semester.

I completely revisited my concept for the Northbank project, changing the design to one which wraps around and through the freeway and projects into the river… Going back to my group’s original film concept, that the freeway strangles and cuts off the river from the city. I’m happier with it. I believe in it. My tutor will just have to deal with it. It’s my folio and I just want to design the area as best I can, not staying with a scheme that I feel is undeveloped and naive.

I’m on track with Tech, got great feedback from my tutor who was super-impressed with the effort I’d put in. Only a few cosmetic changes and I’m good to go… Still have to make a 1:10 scale model showing all the construction systems used in my residential design, but one day should knock that over (24 hours, of course)!!

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about Archi, Culture and Space. Probably because I’ve never done a proper literature review before. But I find the architecture of post-apartheid South Africa incredibly interesting, saturated with deep cultural meaning… Now just to represent that on the panels. I think we are ok. My group has written our lit reviews and know exactly what we want to say. I think we can do it.

Enough blogging, let the stress begin 🙂



I love feedback so you know what to do...

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