The Role Tutors Play


I’ve learned a valuable lesson this semester. Who your tutor is can make it break a semester and your passion… But you’ve just got to try not to let them. I’ve been lucky up until now in that I’ve had amazing tutors who inspired me, challenged me and pushed me to be the best designer I can be.

Unfortunately, this semester is different and it’s given me a lot of fodder for reflection on the role of tutors in my learning. I have said before that i came back to study completely open to the experience and prepared to shelf all my knowledge and learn from the experts. But….tutors are supposed to do the above. They certainly shouldn’t encourage you to maintain the status quo and accept that your designs can’t get any better. My tutor for one particular subject this semester has done just that and it’s frustrating the living hell out of me. Not my Archi, Culture and Space tutor, she’s great… Informative, engaging and incredibly knowledgable. At times there are disputes as to what was required as other classes were told different things (yup, even the task sheets are subjective *rolls eyes*) but eventually listening to my own tutor proved fruitful… Thank god. My tech tutor is a dream too. Probably one of the sweetest people in the world and incredibly patient with you when sometimes, you just don’t get what’s going on.

But my other tutor barely expresses interest in us and it’s incredibly demoralizing. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely man. I’m being encouraged to stay with a design that I hate and that I don’t think holds much architectural merit. I want to push it further but I’m being held back… So the problem becomes this: do I push the boundaries and do something I’m proud of or do I hold back and do something that will get good to high marks but that I don’t believe in?? The answer is clear to me but I’ll see what you guys think.



I love feedback so you know what to do...

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