How To Know When You’re Loved…

You know you’re loved when you are an absolute pain in the arse to everyone around you, completely losing your mind and clearly at breaking point, when you have your cranky-pants on by 7:45 in the morning and talking is all too hard… And all these people you didn’t know truly cared rally around you to let you know that you’re stronger than you think. I’ve learnt who my real friends are this week. There is no question in my mind – those people are incredible. When the chips are down, you have nothing left to give and they are still there lifting you up….Thank you. And also a huge thank you to my mum and dad, for putting up with my tears, tantrums and reminding me how talented I am. Nobody ever said this would be easy. They just also never mentioned how hard it would be sometimes. Haha…



I love feedback so you know what to do...

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