Wednesday Rant

I don’t swear in my blogs very often. But I’m going to today. Wednesdays annoy the fuck out of me. I have classes from 830am to 600pm, starting with architecture studio and ending with a theory subject. It’s not the length of the day that bothers me. It’s the fact that I have a tutor for Design who, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t seem to care if we don’t extend or refine our designs …. Ie. better ourselves as designers… Although he’s a very nice man, our wavelengths are so different that it is laughable. And it makes my hands shake with irritation.

I accept a certain amount of subjectivity in the critique process in Architectural Design because it is a lot harder to apply criteria to creativity.

What I don’t accept is subjectivity in a theory class full of essay writing, critical analyses and literature reviews. Those things you CAN apply criteria to, and should…. But we don’t even have a fucking TASK sheet. And every tutor for every separate tutorial group is telling their group different things that are required of the same task!!

It’s safe to say that I’m suitably and justifiably pissed off. Second Year Architecture has been the most miserable experience of tertiary education that I’ve ever had… When an institution can strip away all the joy and passion from doing what you love, surely something has gone pretty far wrong.



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