Indecision and Chaos

I’m currently torn between this:


And this:


The last 7 weeks of uni are approaching and I’m stuck between completely hating all of my designs / assignments / wanting to light my desk on fire on one hand and struggling to care about it all on the other.

It’s horrible but I’ve learned over the past few days the feelings I’m having are being felt by other high achievers in the course as well. It’s not just me. There’s something comforting about knowing that you’re not the only lunatic in the asylum… Tomorrow when I wake up, the plan is to pick myself up, dust myself off and hit this master-planning proposal with some masterful designing. That’s the plan. Hopefully reality matches up. This was my concept work for stage 2 of the project… Now I just have to expand it to the whole of the North Bank…







2 thoughts on “Indecision and Chaos

  1. Ha! I know that feeling so very VERY well. Even 10 years after graduating college I still vividly remember sitting in my thesis studio starring at the sketches, models and other pieces of my final thesis design. It was just over two weeks to our thesis show and graduation. I hated my design. And I mean I H A T E D my design. I pulled a trash can over to my desk and did a clean sweep. My thesis professor walked over and said quote “What the HELL are you doing?!” I simply said “it’s not working. I’m starting over.” She was concerned, but I got it done and graduated. No worries.

    Good luck and don’t work yourself up over small stuff. If something isn’t working, don’t struggle with it, chuck it. Move forward.

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