And The Stage Is Set…

…. That was what one of my good friends said in response to my announcement that our architecture tutor (who we all selected because she was young, female and whose name I could actually pronounce) had been changed to an older male with a 4 part name… 3 of which I can’t pronounce.

The only reason this is a problem is because I spent 15 weeks last semester completely unable to understand what one of my tutors was saying to me. Her Eastern European accent was so thick that I’m still not sure what the actual subject was about. I’m sincerely hoping that the same thing doesn’t happen this semester and I’m going in to it all with a completely open mind… Im sure my new tutor is completely brilliant. What could possibly go wrong? πŸ˜‰

I’m really looking forward to this semester because frankly, anything would be better than the last one. The last semester had us all lined up ready to jump off of P Block like lemmings because of the sheer negativity of it all. The tutors told us we would cry… That there would be tears… And I just don’t think that is any way to educate young minds. Setting people up for failure has never been a strong educational tool, at least not for me (or the countless people I counseled through last semester’s trauma).

I’ve made sure to surround myself with my closest uni friends and we have some exciting projects coming up… The first of which is to make a 3-4 minute film focused on a particular area of Brisbane’s Northbank and it is a group assignment. Ordinarily, this is the most hated type of assignment, when you have to rely on others and more often than not, none of you are friends afterwards. Haha. But it will be fine, I know all the people in my “group to be” and they’re hard workers who just want to do well. And really funny, so there will be sure to be plenty of smiles around…

I got up in the dark this morning so I could meet my mates early…my apologies if this is largely incoherent. I’m tired and cranky because I haven’t had my coffee (and because this is the first day I’ve been up before 930am in the last three weeks) but, as my friend pointed out, the stage is set… and the show is starting in just under 2 hours.



2 thoughts on “And The Stage Is Set…

  1. One of my most memorable classes in college was led by a professor who made at least one student cry every week during crit. She taught us so much and thickened our skin to allow us to take criticism constructively rather than personally. If your work is bad or at least not up to your own potential than your professor should call you out…loudly. This is not an easy profession and nor should it be. There’s a reason so many arch grads don’t go on to professional practice and instead take “alternate” career paths.
    Keep fighting and stay the course. It’s worth it in the end. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jeremiah πŸ™‚ I know it will be worth it… I’m not so much worried about me but more about these really young kids who put in so much but get absolutely blasted. I agree with you about it not being easy for a reason though. When you’re responsible for places that people inhabit, live in, love in or just experience, you want to do the very best you possibly can. Hence why this career attracts perfectionists πŸ˜‰

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