The Difference Between Luck and Skill…

… is the rugby union game I just watched between the Australian Wallabies and the British & Irish Lions.

It was said (in jest) that the $5000 I was offering to have the ref knocked out could have been better spent on sticky spray for the Wallabies hands. Bugger working on our line-out and scrums – we should start with basic catching and passing skills.

I’m glad we won the game and bring on next week but honestly, if it hadn’t been for my pessimism, we would’ve lost that game. Halfpenny has only missed 4 kicks this tour. The last one was his fourth and it would have won them the game.

The reason I say my pessimism was the reason for our victory is because I’m a realist. Halfpenny doesn’t miss. We gave away a stupid penalty kick. We did it all game. If I had’ve been screaming “he’ll miss this for sure!!”, Halfpenny would have booted it straight over the black dot. But I went with reverse psychology, said there was no chance he’d miss and bam, he missed.

We won via luck. Not skill. I love my boys, I support them with all my heart. But if they’re playing crap, I’m not going to pretend they’re playing well because I love them and several of them are my potential future husbands (kidding).

Hearing and seeing the enormous support of the Lions fans was a big wake-up call too. In the past few years, the support of the Wallabies and Reds has become lacklustre in comparison and that seems to really affect our performance… We need our glory days back. We were once the best team in the world. We can be again.

So we scraped a win, boys. Lets get out there next Saturday and show them what Australia is made of.


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