Oh Fridays, How I Hate You… Until 4pm

With 4pm clearly being the time I finish 8 hours of lectures and tutorials and we all meet to drown our sorrows at the uni bar. Friday is the day that encompasses ‘theoretical’ studies of architecture and has fast become my most hated day of the week…

Not that I don’t understand the importance of historical studies. I do. I really do. But if I have to do one more reading by Frampton or Tafuri, I’m going to jump off something really high. Ok, no. I won’t. But I think that sheds light on my level of distaste for those 2 particular architectural historians. I think everyone feels the same way. I mean really, why say in 15 words what you can in 234? I always find that something has greater clarity when one adds in 176 extraneous (and obfuscating) words. It’s also a fabulous ‘tell’… easy to see who is architecturally overcompensating…

I haven’t posted here in a while, much to my dismay but we’ve been thoroughly thrown in the deep end for the first 5 weeks of semester… Undertaking a Wearable Architecture unit complete with fashion parade at the end. More on that later. The very depths of Hell would have no comparison to the torture of that unit. I nailed it though, so that was the only positive. And I mean the only positive. I’m mentally scarred from the experience. I’m pretty sure my mother never thought she’d be building her 31 year old daughter into a structural wire corset. And then wrapping her in duct tape…. I never thought she would either.

I’ve also (possibly not in this order) moved house, got a job in the university workshop… Yup, on the tools… Been a peer mentor for the first years and dealt with a crazy landlord in order to get a new (working) oven… A task I’ve now handed over to my flat mate due to the anger it is causing me. I just want roast pumpkin, dammit. Learn the difference between gas and electricity. Idiot. And know that we’re not qualified to disconnect the gas oven ourselves. Idiot.

So now we’re sitting here with 20 minutes to spare before our 8am Tech lecture and I’ve got the largest size black coffee available in front of me, ready to give me the elixir of architectural student life… I’m going to my happy place. Bring on 4pm.


One thought on “Oh Fridays, How I Hate You… Until 4pm

  1. I love the blog, it’s sooo informative – I really wanted to do architecture but I just wouldn’t be good enough said my parents!! You give me good reason to listen to them hearing the trials of the course

    Thanks babe

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