New Semester, New Challenges… Reflection Time

I’m on the train, on my way to meet Alex for the first day of what I’m sure will end up being an exciting, action-packed, stressful, gruelling, sleep-deprived semester.

But the beauty of it is that I’m here by choice. I chose this life, this path. In a lot of other places in the world, women don’t have freedom of choice. Some don’t have any freedom at all. No social, political, financial or moral freedom. You only have to watch the news or open a newspaper to see it.

I’m taking a moment to think about those women and to acknowledge the fact that I am incredibly lucky. It makes me even more determined to throw myself headfirst into this experience. It’s really easy to get wrapped up in our first world problems… But the reality is we don’t have a damn thing to complain about.

It can be easy to forget but take a moment as you read this to remind yourself how lucky you are and spare a thought for those a lot less fortunate 🙂



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