Arch-eStudio Is Underway…!!

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Exhausted but excited! I began designing the homepage for my online tutorial / architectural studio tonight. Just to reiterate; I know NOTHING about web design, NOTHING about writing code or about web graphics… I’m winging it. Completely. Using YouTube webinars by Terry White re: Adobe Muse and my own knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, I have the homepage up and running.

It turns out that there really is no limit to what you can achieve when you are supposed to be doing something else. I was supposed to be putting my folio together in Illustrator [in case any new employment opportunities crop up] … but no. Once I was on this tangent, I had to see it through until I was done. See here for the big picture of what I want to achieve with my website…

I had a really clear idea as to how I wanted it to look when I first sketched my ideas on the plane a couple of months ago… back when this was really just a pipe dream. So far, the picture in my mind and the images that are appearing on my screen are one and the same, which makes me really happy. I was going for something a bit stylised, a bit fun… Below is a screenshot of the working homepage…

Screenshot 1

I eventually hope that each student represented in the main image will have a link to the individual student’s blog and online folio, along with an interactive chat session or comment session so the student can get real time feedback on their work [especially if it’s 2am and we’re all awake but can’t be physically IN studio] … I know it’s not much, but for me to have gotten this far on my own is a small miracle. Just goes to prove that patience, persistence and a mother-load of caffeine is the key!

Am meeting up with Alex later in the week to try and take it a couple of steps further – he’s a lot better at this stuff than I am so I can’t wait… I really want this idea to work. I know it’s going to involve letting go of some elements and re-working others but if the end result is even close to what I’m hoping, it’s going to make this year a lot easier for all of us!



11 thoughts on “Arch-eStudio Is Underway…!!

  1. I’m sure you will. As long as you like something enough, the mind somehow finds a way to get it done. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it done as fast as you’d like to…but set yourself a little goal of say 1 blog a week..and go for it. Have fun.

  2. can u gimmi me your facebook name?? i ned to talk to you
    m a student of architecture i need to discuss my assignment with you , plzz ? if u dunt mind =$

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