They Say Laughter is the Best Medicine…

… Sure it is. Right after hard liquor.

Another bizarre day for me so I’m going to keep this post really short (and lazily rely on screenshots of my text messages to tell the second half of the story).


 Laughter is vastly underrated as a form of exercise. It seriously works out your tummy muscles. I find this to be an excellent thing as it’s the most cardio / core work / moving I’ve done today. If it wasn’t for that one walk last week, a sudden urge to run up the stairs 2 nights ago and a quiet ‘girls night out’ dinner two weekends ago that turned into hours on the dancefloor, it would be the most exercise I’ve done in 2013 so far. Woeful, I know. But I’m not in the mood for self-flagellation tonight.

I have a friend in my life who, I’m quite sure, has no idea how funny or cute she is. But today, when it looked like my own personal doomsday prophecy was on the horizon, she sent me some text messages that had me in stitches. She is 18 and looking for a part-time job to (a) quit the one she is currently working at and (b) to make money to spend on buying things from Etsy – which she believes may just be the new Asos.

She has asked me to, well…. in a word… lie. To say she’d done work for my business. I don’t have a problem with this… she’s a good girl, responsible and hard-working and I’m happy to say she worked for my design business on occasion by filing and doing basic PA work. Even if she’s never set foot in my office (hard to do anyway, seeing as I don’t actually have one). It’s so hard to get that first job because all employers want you to have ‘experience’… somehow I don’t think her time working at Donut King (the ‘dk’ referred to in the last image of messages) is going to assist her with breaking into the “fashion / design / upmarket job” sector…. *grimace*  … so this conversation took place while she was filling in application forms.

Anyway, the messages are below. I went from feeling like shite to laughing so hard that I had tears in my eyes – the randomness of it is what makes me giggle. And yes, admittedly you probably have to know her to understand her deadpan delivery of extremely funny remarks (which makes them seem so much funnier) … but I wanted to share them all the same. The people who know her will figure it out easily but I’ve blurred out the names to protect the innocent. And the comical.

pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4


One thought on “They Say Laughter is the Best Medicine…

  1. I am lying on the lounge reading out your text messages, between you and your friend the DK CEO, or should be The CEO, if only for her honesty in stating her duties as, fuelling obesity pandemic . The whole conversation is hilarious. Have you two thought of doing standup texting comedy. Don’t ask me what this is, cause I just made it up.

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