I Know It’s Not An Election Year…

… but I need you all to vote. Actually, I wouldn’t even know if it was an election year, such is my interest in politics – so I checked. Not in America it isn’t, but it is in Australia. Siiiigh. Thank god we’ve got 10 and a half more months before that nightmare takes place. Although I do enjoy all the mud-slinging that happens in the months leading up to it… it’s so trashy!! I don’t vote to get the best party in. I vote to keep the worst party out. It doesn’t work for everybody but it works for me. Anyway, I digress…

I need you all to vote on what my next blog should be. I have too many ideas and can’t focus on one so it’s now in your capable hands. The options are as follows:

(a) The Abridged Version: My life before deciding to go back to study Architecture; the motivations and the mayhem

(b) What Women Want: The real story about what (single) career women in their early 30’s want

(c) 2013: A Year In Review (avoiding resolutions by summing up a fantastic year ahead of time…a suggestion by my buddy Joe over at TOTC – see what happened in his 2013 here: http://trialofthecentury.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/2013-in-review-lets-get-goofy-new-job-up-north-two-albums-tour-secretly-a-career-woman/)

(d) Weight & See: The battle to lose the weight that came with the illness & how I’m going to achieve it and restore myself to my former glory – yes, I may even post a ‘Thin-spiration’ pic or 2

(e) Reader’s Choice: You guys select a topic or tell me something you’d like to know and I’ll blog about it

It’s 1:18 am. I should be asleep. How does one get through life somewhat successfully on such little sleep? Now is probably not the best time to answer that. So please just drop a comment in the comments section and let me know which direction my blog is going to take…thank you!! šŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “I Know It’s Not An Election Year…

  1. I can spell my name now!!

    Err how being overprotective will just make your child angry and more likely to rebel?

    But otherwise b since I currently in no mood to think about getting married in my mid/late twenties. (Says the girl who has the Vera wang iPhone app)

    • Hahaha… I love you, Isy. Finally someone had the guts to make a decision. And you can write a guest post about overprotective parents and ill post it under a pseudonym for you… ‘Lebasi’… They’ll never figure it out. Lol.

      Ok, that’s one vote for B. Now we’ve just gotta get more people voting. Tell all you high school minions to vote šŸ˜›

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