If You’re Cranky and You Know It, Write A Blog


I’m sure other people have these types of days, right? When it doesn’t matter if you normally have the patience of Mother Theresa on Valium, people just get under your skin to the point where counting backwards from 10 before you speak is always the best option? And even then you need to bite your tongue…

A little bit of healthy self esteem is a good thing. A little bit of tempered arrogance can sometimes be charming. But outright power trips? Not cool. Don’t go putting me (or anyone else) down to fill up your own emotional tank. That just isn’t going to wash with me.

I’ve never understood why people do it and I especially don’t understand when a man can do that to a woman. That kind of misogynistic behaviour belongs in the Dark Ages. Yes, we want to be equal. We fought to be equal. But a man would never tolerate being spoken down to, so why should a woman?

Respect doesn’t go out of the window because we’re the fairer sex. Talking down to a woman is just not on. Making her feel stupid and useless to stroke your ego is plain wrong. I don’t give a damn if it’s cultural or if you were just raised in a barn with no clue as to socially acceptable behaviour. You just don’t do it.

End of rant.

And there was no disrespect meant to Mother Teresa – she’s just the most patient, loving person that I could think of while I am this cranky đŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “If You’re Cranky and You Know It, Write A Blog

  1. I’ve witnessed that at my workplace before, actually. Some marketing exec talking down to a software engineer. A very important engineer, in fact. And he left. Soon after, they refigured the way the software engineering team’s reporting structure was setup.

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