Finding My Inner Philosopher – Part 2

I’ve finally made it back to tackle Part 2 of the quest for my inner philosopher. I am also completely exhausted and appear to have dyslexic fingers tonight, so please excuse any typos or word substitutions that seem odd…

In staying true to my promise to give myself a break and to leave behind my Superwoman persona, I’m accepting that at the moment, I can probably only deal with 1-2 of the questions per day… I’m just far too tired and pushing myself to my limits is partly what got me into this mess in the first place – haha. I’ve just come to see in the last couple of days that there is no race to the finish line… and there is no prize for being first! Other than, you know, the whole “happiness / amazing existence” thing…

It’s been a busy week so far; I’m back in Canberra doing more work experience but this time it’s paid work – thank goodness! Money stresses me. I’m creative, not financially-minded. Utterly hopeless when it comes to managing money. I celebrated my 31st birthday today and had lot of messages and flowers and love from everywhere so thank you everyone for caring πŸ™‚

I’m going to jump right into answering Question 4 because although my body is physically tired, my mind is still racing a mile a minute. If only my body could race at the same speed… then I could die a happy (and significantly more toned) woman…

Question 4: Does karma really exist and how do I think it works?

I want to believe it works. I really do. I just haven’t seen many brilliant examples of it in my lifetime… which in a way is good because I think if I was sitting around waiting for karma to punish those who have wronged me, I’d be screwing up my own karma! Lol.

For me, karma is about creating both positive and negative consequences. Our actions are like a double-edged sword… no matter whether the intention behind our actions / thoughts are pure or impure, good or bad, I believe that there are always bi-products of said actions. Sometimes I suspect that even though our motives were pure, the effect of our actions can still be negative… but I truly believe that if no harm or ill-will was intended, negative karma will not amass. I think the key to managing karma is accountability and the having will to grow and to learn.

These are just my opinions and musings, keep in mind! You may disagree and that’s completely fine with me. If I had to sum up how I think karma works, I would say that I don’t think anything that’s happening to us now is a result of things that happened 4 or 17 lifetimes ago. I’m not 100% sure there is some karmic ledger somewhere from back when the world began, like a cosmic system of checks and balances that predetermines our lives. What I do believe is that by changing one’s thinking and habits (that are perhaps currently not so good) and by practicing understanding, being happy and respecting others, we can best create an atmosphere in which those things come back to us. Can you imagine what an incredible world it would be if everyone did that? This was a bit of a challenging question – not an easy thing to explain!!

Tomorrow’s question: #5 – Can you live a full life without love?

I need to preface tomorrow’s blog by saying that there is all likelihood it could be somewhat honest. Brutally so. But I’ll need to get some sleep before I take on that mammoth musing πŸ™‚



One thought on “Finding My Inner Philosopher – Part 2

  1. I’m not too sure there is Karma. However there’s a funny way in which what goes around..does come around..if you think hard enough and long enough about it. Either way, you have little control over situations you’re not directly or indirectly involved in. So just be yourself, stay happy, do what you want and try not to hurt others..that’s it. You said that already though.. I guess.

    p.s… You need to follow your own posts and not apologize for being honest. It isn’t a crime, you know? πŸ™‚

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