Christmas in Oz

December 25

There have been times when I’ve wished for a white Christmas. I’ve never seen snow, let alone experienced a Christmas Day that was less than 32 degrees C (89.6 Degrees F)… But today is not one of those days. Today I couldn’t be happier to be having an Australian Christmas.

Admittedly, I don’t want to be in this particular town (see previous blog for more info on why)… But I’m here with my family and that makes everything perfect. There are no narcissistic, borderline psychotic nutbags in sight so it looks like everything is coming up roses. Far better than pushing up daisies, at least.

The day started with fishing rods in the water, a perfect blue sky, crystal clear water and a balmy 27 degrees C.

IMG_4076 IMG_4069That was followed by the delicious sounds of a cork popping and 5 glasses being filled with champagne… I know, it’s a little indulgent but what other beverage goes with fresh fruit at 9am?

What I love about Aussie Christmases are the colours… it’s all so brilliant and vivid, like everything has been intensified for that one day. I know it hasn’t but that’s how it’s always felt to me.

IMG_4071IMG_4070My brother was Santa this year and divvied up the gifts; not the most important part of the day but a tradition in our family. As usual, Dad was surprised by all the gifts he’s bought Mum… not just at Christmas but also throughout the year. I did really well in terms of gift cards (always important when you’re a student and money is scarce, if not non-existent) but the best gift I got was a Dremel tool for all my architectural model-making over the next 4 years of study. I’m even willing to wager that it beat last year’s gift of a digital tape measure. I know, I’m a nerd. Whatever. I’m always grateful for whatever gifts I receive because there are so many people in the world who have never and will never experience a Christmas like the one we have. There are people in the world who will never receive gifts, be able to overindulge on gourmet food and drink or be able to be with the ones they love on Christmas Day. It’s those people that I think about and send my prayers at this time of the year. And it’s why, no matter what my financial situation, I always donate as much as I can afford to a charity that will use that money to bring joy, financial aid, food, shelter etc. to those who are less fortunate. I know my money is only going to make a tiny, tiny, miniscule bit of difference but I know it’s going to help somebody, somewhere.

The drinking, fishing and laughter carried on through the morning until we had a delicious lunch of crispy skinned chicken lovely legs, ham, salad, roasted vegetables and chilli jam. The theme for the day was purple and silver because that was Mum’s Christmas tree colours – we were aiming for consistency. Ha. Dessert was fruit mince pies, custard and cream. Omg. Divine. IMG_4075

A mixture of full tummies and the heat of the day conspired to make us all sleepy and a 3 hour nanna-nap was warranted. Upon waking, there was more drinking and more eating. Without doubt, I was testing the limits of my cotton elastane tights.

IMG_4082Dinner was Oysters Kilpatrick for the other 4 and peanut butter on turkish bread for me. I don’t do seafood. I love looking at it but unfortunately I come up with little lumps under my arms when I eat it. Admittedly, it wasn’t the Christmas dinner one salivates over but for me, hot bread and slightly melted peanut butter was just what my palate ordered.

IMG_4074Some of the funnier moments:


Watching my brother and my dad sitting outside, admiring the view, both in exactly the same poses with a beer in their hands… like 2 little old men carbon copies. Their figures were perfectly framed and silhouetted within the door opening.


(when the Oysters Kilpatrick came out onto the table and my nose screwed up)

My Brother: What have you got against Oysters Kilpatrick?

The Rest of Us: The oysters!!!???


(when Dad was cleaning up and calling himself ‘Chupati’, bestowing all the qualities of a good slave on to my mother – who he refers to as ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ – SWMBO)

My Dad: Are we all done here? (about to clear up plates)

My Brother: Yes. If you’re good, we’ll throw you a prawn head later.


(Upon discussion about something to do with me…)

My Brother: Yeah, I know when I….

His Wife: Yeah, but this isn’t about you. Now shut up.


(When my brother was feeding his wife fruit mince pie and cream, whilst she was sunbaking on her tummy and he was checking out her butt)

My Brother: It appears this bum is broken. It has a crack in it.


So all in all it was a fabulous day, capped off by watching the Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows DVD that my brother got given and eating lollies out of the huge jar that his wife gave him. If there is one thing us kids do best, it’s eat sugar. Even though I’m in my 30’s and my brother is fast approaching his. Bed time so that we could prepare for….

December 26 – Boxing Day

I’ve got to be honest… it was much the same as yesterday, with the important addition of my sister-in-law’s family, so our party swelled to 9 with her parents and 2 of her brothers. Her third brother is on his way back from the States so unfortunately couldn’t be here. Eating, drinking, laughing… that was the sum total of our day but when it’s around people you love, you feel invincible. I was feeling a bit distracted but that has something to do with the amount of sleep I haven’t been getting -.- … sigh. Entrée to lunch was fresh prawns (again, I dipped out because of the seafood factor)… but my sister-in-law’s father was in heaven on that count coz he got my share.

IMG_4088IMG_4089My sister-in-law did a fabulous job of catering the day and you’ve got to love any other family who loves sugar as much as our does. Dessert was cheesecake, citrus tart and fruit mince pies, dollop cream and custard. There needs to be a significant amount of exercise done but really, that’s what January 01 is for… sigh. Resolutions are the next port of call….


4 thoughts on “Christmas in Oz

  1. Fancy, meeting another South African on an Aussie’s blog. Your Christmas sounds blissful. We had a sunny South African Christmas as well. Have fun blogging, sharing and living life in general… Do it in XXXL – Live, Love and Laughter.

    • Random fact: My all-time favourite architect is South African and I got to meet him in person this year through my university studies… But that aside, thank you for your comments and I hope both of your Christmases were wonderful! And Suzette, you should check out some of Michael’s shoe designs… Awesome 🙂

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