Testing My Tech Savvy and Embracing My Grinchiness

This is my first attempt at a post from my phone. I’m not going to lie – there are times when I’m a traitor to my generation with regards to technology. I know I’m supposed to constantly be updating my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts every time something completely inconsequential to everyone but me happens. I know I’m supposed to be accessible 24/7 with emails coming to my phone and that I can now do everything from browsing to banking whilst on the go.

The fact that virtually my whole life can be updated, tweeted, controlled and synced actually really irritates me.

I’m of the ‘tween’ era; that is to say that I remember (and loved) the time before mobile phones… when it was rude to call people after 9pm and when people had to leave a message or ring back because you were out of the house and therefore out of contact… when my boyfriends had to call and politely ask my parents if they could speak to me or my little brother annoyed the shit out of me by picking up the extension and listening in to my teenage love affairs.

But I’m also accepting of the fact that having on-the-go access to all the things I have on my computer at work/home and the ability to see who is calling and press ‘decline’ can be a positive thing. Really positive.

I (secretly) love that someone can ask me a question I don’t know the answer to and mobile Google is right there with the knowledge. Or that I can take a photo of something amazing or cute or gross and text it off to 50 people.

But the reality is that I have my technical limitations and sometimes I get freaked out by technology. I don’t actually have a Twitter or Tumblr account and I seriously don’t even understand what hash-tagging is or does. I’ve asked the kids at uni heaps of times and they’re like “oh it’s just blah blah blah” and I’m still clueless. My mother (whose age shall not be disclosed for fear she may get bored enough to read this) knows but I do not. So disturbing. Mind you, she also spends a great deal of time syncing her iPhone with her iPad and her MacBook whilst I watch on in awe / horror.

So the bottom line is that I understand how all this tech stuff can be great… But I really miss the times when I could have conversations with a group of friends and have eye contact instead of looking at the top of their heads as they text, Facebook or email.

So in spite of the above and with any luck, this first attempt at phone blogging will go smoothly. I’m even adding images as an extra challenge to my sanity…

This is just an interim blog. I’m working on a big post and on getting the guts to post it but in the meantime, I wanted to share some Christmas stuff. Normally I love Christmas but today left me feeling a bit Grinch-y … could be that I feel like I’m letting down the team because I don’t have a lot of money this year (what student does, unless she’s stripping her way through college?) … or the fact that I’m just exhausted. Tapped out. Done and dusted for 2012.

Or it could be crazy people with prams, carol singers and excessive Christmas cheer in crowded shopping centers that make me want to run screaming for the exit.

Nevertheless, I managed to get thoughtful and meaningful gifts for my tiny family with its one beautiful addition this year. Chalk that up as one thing I’m grateful for this Christmas… the merging of Amelia into our small clan. And Mealz makes 5 🙂 My brother finally pulled his finger out and put a ring on it. About bloody time.

It’s the rest of the Christmas drama that I’m panicking about. I want to preface these paragraphs by saying that i hate drama. I love simple. This is so far removed from how I live my life that if it wasn’t so scary, it would be laughable.

The quick version of the story is that for the last few months, I’ve been the recipient of threats and intimidation from a complete F-Wit who (although up until the last few months was my mentor, a friend and colleague in the place that I’ve spent the last 10 years of my working life) turned out to be a narcissist of the first order. He’s in his late 50’s so I’m thinking there’s not a great deal of chance for psychiatric intervention. Or police intervention seeing as he has made them all think he’s a ‘great bloke’. The threats were/are serious. Very. Don’t think for a moment my self-deprecating, comical approach to this topic is indicative of the fact that I find it amusing. I don’t. it is just how I deal with everything.

So naturally, the fact that I never again want to step foot in that town goes without saying. It’s also now a place that represents more than a few bad memories for me. Such is life. The complication lies in the fact that it’s in that particular (very small) coastal town that my family is holidaying and it’s where I have to spend Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day.

I know my fear is irrational. I know it is. But I’d like to see 2013. And telling my mother I wouldn’t be spending Christmas with them would be a sure-fire way for that not to happen.

So I’m going. I may need to spend the entire time taking sedatives (kidding) but I’m going.

Needless to say, I’ve been looking for as many laughs and cheery moments as I can get and my friends have been amazing with that. Particularly Alex and Isy, so thanks for keeping my spirits up, guys 🙂

There was something else I wanted to share but because I’m tech-tarded, I don’t know how to share it properly coz I couldn’t find the ‘reblog’ button. So I’ve saved the images to post here and I’ll provide a hyperlink too. There is a fantastic blog called “Life Of An Architect” – the work of American architect Bob Borson. He’s really witty and his posts are amazing and insightful. The whole site is like a treasure trove of useful info, particularly for students.

The following e-cards are his creation and I couldn’t stop laughing at some of them, which was a great feeling given current circumstances!! Basically he plays on the current trend of making one’s own e-cards by captioning photos of famous architects with witty Christmas sentiment, architecture-style… Enjoy 🙂


This is only a random sample… There are more if you follow the link above!












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