Learnt In Translation

So I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some of my student work from this year so feel free to check it out and let me know what you think…!! Constructive criticism only, please 🙂

For those of you having trouble finding it, I should have said there are a series of pages under “architecture stuff” on the main page – sorry!

This post is a bit of a random one because my thoughts are all over the place the last few days. Still not sleeping. This will be the 9th night with minimal to no sleep. It’s driving me insaaaaaaaaaaaaane. So bottom line, excuse the rambling. I’m usually a lot more eloquent!

Not only was this a fantastic year for me from a design perspective, a self-confidence perspective and a learning perspective but I also got to meet, work with and undertake a small (selective!!) student workshop with world-renowned South African architect Peter Rich and his son Robert. They were in Brisbane for Peter’s “Learnt in Translation” exhibition, sponsored by my university.

The man is phenomenal. His sketches are beautiful, so simple and yet so expressive. His work has so much depth and connection to the land, the people and the culture – one of the true ‘Placemakers’. He is funny, outgoing, larger than life and for whatever reason, he really took to Ololade and I. So much so that we got asked to a private ‘thank you’ party that he was hosting on his last night in Brisbane. So lucky. So, so very lucky. Peter called me ‘Mamma’ because of the way I take the younger students under my wing (I think my tutor must have told him that) and he picked me up and gave me a big hug and a kiss. The whole time I was standing there stunned thinking (a) man, this guy is strong and (b) he’s won an award for World Building of the Year and he’s hugging me, an insignificant architecture student from Brisbane. Ololade and I were so excited when we were leaving the hotel… we honestly couldn’t believe it. He’s one of those men who just seems to radiate joy and command attention no matter where he goes. Robert was the same – talented, handsome and charismatic. And single. And in his early 30’s. I was so sad when they returned to South Africa and I didn’t have a marriage proposal. Haha. Kidding. Kind of.

I was chatting to Isy about my (lack of) love life via text earlier in the week, letting her know that my last chance at a real relationship was more than likely with my cat. Or rather, my parents’ cat (Moet) … I’ve been away interstate for a month and apparently he’s fretting. haha. We then had the following SMS conversation and I found it absolutely hilarious… I understand that you probably have to know these people to laugh about what they say in the way that I do, but nevertheless, whenever I’m down and out the Archi kids never fail to make me smile. I love that nothing is beyond the realm of possibility with them.

Isy: Meow (this was in reference to another topic being discussed)

Me: Oh don’t!! It makes me miss Moet

Isy: Raaawwwrrrrrr… awkward if you get home and he has no idea who you are

Me: Don’t even joke. He’s my last chance at a successful relationship.

Isy: Tehehhehehehehe. Just go to South Africa.

Me: Babe, I don’t think Robert’s going to fall madly in love with me.

Isy: Ahhhh, well we can go over there and I can get some elephants or something to run at him and you can rescue him and then he will forever be in your debt.

Me: Excellent. So essentially he’s with me because he ‘owes me one’?

Isy: Yeah I guess. I don’t really know how that stuff works.

Sorry Isy, but I had to share it. Even now I’m laughing again, picturing you trying to rile up a group of elephants to charge at the sexy young architect for the sake of me trying to find true love.

I did promise this next blog would be something happier (if a little random) so mission accomplished. A few more days until I head home for a couple of weeks, then back to Canberra for more work. So not looking forward to going back to the heat and humidity in QLD but loving the thought of seeing my beautiful family and having our first Christmas with our official “+1” … my new sister-in-law!



3 thoughts on “Learnt In Translation

  1. Did I miss it somewhere on your blog? I couldn’t find your student work – I am no expert in architecture, but have spent my entire career in urban planning, so maybe I can offer some constructive comments 🙂

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